What is Lummico all about?

"Lummico is a win-win solution for businesses and the environment. We are bringing the e-paper technology at its best to the industry and contribute to our ecosystem protection at the same time. We are bringing a great opportunity to use dynamically changing E-paper labels instead of utilizing tons of paper each year. Our products help to digitize processes that you might think are non-digitizable."

Michal Onoszko

Founder and CEO

More About Lummico

Lummico has been founded in 2019 by Michal Onoszo and Lucas Skalski, but its founders and current owners' affair with the e-paper technology is much longer and dates back to 2012. In the meantime, Lummico's owners have created a countless number of e-paper based projects, to finally meet and work together under the name Lummico. Since Lummico has been founded, we continue hitting the next milestones and redefining the market of e-paper Tags. Our first big achievement was creating the world's first 4.2-inch batteryless Tag. In 2020 we have made substantial investments and bought our own electronics production line in order to increase our flexibility and lower down the lead times. Parallelly we continued our advanced researches on batteryless solutions which resulted in our current 3rd generation of batteryless labels. Again, we are the world's first to introduce flexible and batteryless Tags. Since Lummico's early beginnings, one of the most important parts of the company was the Custom-Projects branch, which is the area where we can utilize our wide-range knowledge and experience in its most satisfying way.

Meet our Management


Michal Onoszko

CEO, Co-Owner

Michal, as the Lummico founder, is associated with the company from its early beginning. From 2021, he continues his work as Lummico's CEO. He focuses on business development and looking for new opportunities. He also coordinates all of the company activities.



Kamil Kozłowski

Board Member, Co-Owner

Kamil is in the displays industry for many years. Through this time, he has founded and grown several companies. He utilizes his vast experience also in the e-paper sector as our new key projects coordinator and business developer.



Radoslaw Fularczyk

Board Member, Co-Owner

Radoslaw is responsible for all internal operations at Lummico. He supervises our standard products branch and works on developing its distribution network. Radoslaw is also a very knowledgeable engineer with a master's degree in Electronics.


Company Info


Lummico Sp. z o.o.
Grunwaldzka 486/3,
80-309 Gdansk, Poland


Office hours: 9:00 to 17:30 CET (Mon-Fri)

General Information

VAT ID: PL5842782460
EORI: PL584278246000000
Reg. no. (KRS): 0000777545
REGON: 382879447
CEO: Michal Onoszko

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