Batteryless & Flexible

Lummico is happy to introduce a next Tags’ advancement. As always, we are happy to be the first to bring an another technology improvement to NFC Batteryless Tags. Soon, our offer will be extended with the world’s first Batteryless NFC stickers with flexible e-paper displays. A perfect labeling solution for […]

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Meet Our

Lummico is expanding, and we have some new shareholders! On the 19th of February, Lummico shareholders have signed a new partnership agreement that sets a new shares division. Michal Onoszko (2nd from the left), who was one of two Lummico founders, remains at Lummico and becomes a majority shareholder. Michal […]

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New Website,
Check it out!

Hi lummico lovers! We are happy to launch a new lummico webpage. We would like to invite you to spend a few minutes and take a look at it. You can find there many never published before information about Lummico products and technologies. What’s more, soon we will be announcing […]

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