NFC OEM 2.9-inch Module

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Gewicht 15 g
Größe 89.0 × 36.9 × 4.2 mm
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Color Variations

Black-White, Black-White-Red, Black-White-Yellow


Datasheet PDFLME-029NTA
2D Drawings DWGLME-029NTA
3D Models STEPLME-029NTA

Low power consumption

Exceptionally low power consumption of e-paper displays modules results from the characteristic of this technology. E-paper consumes electricity only when changing the displayed content.
It is a significant advantage over LCDs when it comes to energy efficiency.

Lummico modules consume almost no power at all during the sleep state. This results in outstanding 9000 refreshments (per single battery) and it's equivalent of at least 5 years of operation when refreshed 5 times per day.

What's more, our modules are running on CR2016 batteries which are only a half thick in comparison to competitive solutions.


This is what makes our product so unique. SmartActions let the device interact with any phone, even if it does not have the lummico app installed.
It can be set manually before updating the device or dynamically via app plugins.

Our customers are using SmartActions in shops for customers' convenience who can simply read more about the product.
They are using them in hotels, so the guests can easily connect with hotel's wi-fi by only a tap of their phone.
Finally, it's a great solution for conferences. Each guest receives a SmartTag which works like an electronic business card. After approaching their phone to someone's Tag, they can simply share their contact with other participants.


Many different colors variations

Basic color versions like black&white und with additional red or yellow color are in our offer from the early beginning, but we were also first to introduce new bi-color versions like sky-blue, dark-blue, green, brown, yellow und red. These new solutions have the same shortest possible display update time like the basic black&white modules.

360° viewing angles

EPD displays do not have a liquid-crystal matrix which limits the viewing angles to a certain extent. Thanks to the technology used (adjustable capsules with multi-color ink), e-paper makes the illusion that the content is printed on its surface. Watching EPD at any angle is virtually no different than viewing printed sheets of paper.

Perfect readability in direct sunlight

E-paper displays, like the real paper, are perfectly legible in the sunlight. This property is due to its design and applied technology. The EPD (Electronic Paper Display) is a reflective display which means that it reflects light from the environment. The brighter the exterior, the more clearly the human eye perceives the displayed content. It can be assumed that if the image on standard paper is readable under the lighting conditions, then on the e-paper also.


Modern ultrathin displays are much more convenient and versatile in design and assembly, providing a result consistent with the latest industrial design and trends.

E-paper displays are 1.0 - 1.2 mm thick only! Thanks to this feature, we are able to create the thinnest possible modules. Our slimmest products have only 1.85mm including PCB, display and electronic components.

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