Smarttag Active OEM - 2.90"

Product features

2.9" Display

This product is equipped with 2.90-inch e-paper display with the resolution of 296x128px (DPI: 112).

Android App

Dedicated Android mobile app, used for images uploading and SmartActions setup.

Multiple colors

This product comes in many different color variations. You can choose a standard black&white color or black-white-red, black-white-yellow, dark blue, light blue, green oder red color version.

NFC connectivity

NFC connectivity is crucial for this device. It not only transfers an image data but also supplies a power for the device. Thanks to the NFC, the Lummico SmartActions can be used.

Dedicated Android App

Lummico Smarttag mobile application makes it super-easy to change the display content within a seconds. You can also use it to set the desired SmartAction on your tag.


SmartActions are a bunch of features that let the device interact with any approached mobile device, even if it does not have the lummico mobile app installed. What's more, using them does not require the Smarttag to be powered by any battery or reader. Tap the tag with a mobile device and see the magic happens. Just don't forget to turn on the NFC.

So what exactly are the SmartActions and what can they do?
Take a look at the list of basic actions below:


Wi-Fi auto connect

Automatically connects with the set Wi-Fi

BT auto connect

Automatically connects with the set Bluetooth/BLE device


Save contact (vCard)

Saves a vCard with the contact info



Opens a set URL in mobile web browser


Create SMS template

Generates a ready to be sent SMS with predefined text and recipients


Create E-mail

Generates a ready to be sent E-mail with predefined text and recipients



Displays any text-info on an approached device


Run any
mobile app

Runs a chosen application (installed on the device)


  • Price Labels
  • Info Labels
  • Advertisements

E-paper features


Unlimited viewing angles

Thanks to the electronic ink technology, e-paper displays look like the content is printed on its surface. Looking at it from any direction is no different than looking at a printed sheet of paper.

  fa-sun far  

Perfect readability in direct sunlight

Since this is a reflective type of a display, it  reflects almost all light from the environment. This means that the brighter the exterior, the more clear the displayed content is. 


Ultra-low power consumption

E-paper consumes electricity only when changing the displayed content which makes it a first choice for a low-power applications.


Holds image without power

Due to the bi-stable nature of e-paper technology, after setting the ink capsules array, they remain in their state until the next refreshment. Thanks to this feature, energy is only needed for changing the display's content.