In this article, we would like to tell you a little bit more about the potential usage of Lummico SmartTag devices. We will shortly analyze a few use cases of e-paper tags by the people who weren’t afraid of going with the times and who discovered the incredible benefits coming from our labeling revolution.

#1: Conference Rooms
Requirement: Rearranging the order and placement of the chairs in the conference rooms.
Problem: Keeping the right numbering of the seats.
Solution: Replacing the regular seat number labels with SmartTag labels. From now the seats can be placed in any number and order. Once it’s ready, the employee goes through the rows and approach the phone with Lummico mobile app to the tags. The seats and rows are numbered automatically thanks to the built-in numbering plugin.

#2: Hotel Lobby and Rooms
Requirement: A modern attempt to hotel’s guest service and life facilitations.
Problem: No suitable product on the market.
Solution: Once SmartTag series was released it has instantly filled the niche. It was placed in the hotel lobby and mid/high standard rooms as a Wi-Fi access point. Guests approach their phones to the SmartTag and automatically connects their phones to the hotel’s Wi-Fi.
SmartTags have been placed on the room’s doors too. It not only displays room number but also shows if the room requires cleaning.

#3: Shipping Containers
Requirement: Marking the plastic shipping boxes and controlling the production and delivery process.
Problem: Standard printed labels had a tendency to peel off and be unreadable. After multiple uses of a single box, it has to be clean out of the old labels stuck one on the another.
Solution: Using SmartTag labels solved the problem of placing multiple shipping stickers on each production and delivery step. From this time, the label on e-paper display was refreshed automatically on each step. Reading the info about the container using NFC/RFID became much faster and easier than using a standard bar/QR-code readers. An additional advantage was the possibility to read the information about the box’s content, destination, and customs info.

#4: Modern Restaurants
Requirement: Facilitation the tables signage and ordering system.
Problem: Similar to the hotel case, there was no suitable solution on the market.
Solution: On each table, one SmartTag device has been placed. Typically displayed info is “Approach your phone to start ordering”. Once the customer approaches his phone, the menu is displayed on the mobile device and he can easily order. The SmartTag devices can also display the info about the table reservation.

Case 5 – Your Case?…
If you have an idea which implements the SmartTag devices, but you don’t know where to begin, do not hesitate to contact us, using the form below. We will help you to develop and implement your idea.