Industry 4.0 - Intelligent Labels

from production, through the warehouse, to shipping

one label to rule them all

Higher degree of automation

On-the-fly data registration and labels update. Nothing gets past us!


Register the production progress, responsible employees, improve processes and track error sources.


Ecological Tax Reform is becoming a reality. Replace regular paper with e-paper, obtain a higher Eco-Efficiency ratio, and lower your taxes.


Automate and controll addressing or receiving packages at warehouses and transshipment points.

1. trace the production

Lummico Intelligent Labels are good spirits of each production. Placed on containers or directly on the manufactured products, traces its whole way through your factory, registering every info like who has worked on this specific batch and how long it took. It can also provide necessary info for your employees about the guidelines and what has to be done. Thanks to this system nothing will ever get past you. Get automatic employees statistics, easily look for production problems, and track the manufacturing progress live!


- Requires constant labels printing
- Old labels have to be peeled or stacked
- Quickly becomes worn-out and requires often cardboard box replacement
- More fragile and less durable
- Bad for storing liquids
- Higher risk of fire
- At the end, less eco-friendly


+ Single electronic label
+ Multiple labels sizes
+ Fast and automatic refreshment
+ Can be read and write directly on a conveyor system
+ Very durable
+ Reusable for a very long time
+ Liquid-tight boxes
+ Exceptionally good solution in the case of constant materials exchange between factory facilities and/or warehouses and shops

2. label at the warehouse

Lost, wrong labeled, or misplaced goods, are common and well-known problems in many warehouses. Here come in our e-paper tags that can automatically display the right label once the goods arrive at your warehouse.

3. prepare for dispatch

Select shipment from your WMS system and approach the label to Lummico wireless reader/writer. Thanks to our OpenAPI easy integration, all of the data will be downloaded, displayed on the label, and stored in its memory. This system is also fully compatible with automatic warehouses and the labels can be dynamically updated on a conveyor.

Progress is inevitable, you can either adapt or extinct

- Life -

System Highlights

Smart labels

Our Intelligent Labels are batteryless, comes in different sizes and colors, and can be customized up to your needs. Customizations include extending memory, changing mountings, and branding it with your colors and logo.

Standard Sizes: 1.54", 2.13", 2.9", 3.70", 4.20"
Standard Colors: Black&White, Dark-Blue&White, Light-Blue&White, Green&White, Red&White, Brown&White, Yellow&White,


dedicated reader/writer

The second and indispensable part of our system - a dedicated NFC Reader/Writer. It is used for reading data saved in the label and to update this info, as well as changing the display content. Each reader can be assigned to an employee. In this way, you can control all of the processes performed by your team.

LM-HEP-01 White
Update speed
Price drop

Update: 2nd generation is comming soon!

We have just finished the 2nd generation of our Intelligent Labels and we are near to finish works on the redear update. Experience even more advantages of this ingenious system.