SmartTag Batteryless [2.90″]

The most popular product from Batteryless Series. This module has a 2.90-inch display with a resolution of 296x128px.

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Lummico SmartTag product line is a synergy of classic labeling solutions with modern electronics and software. The common features of all SmartTag products are E-Paper displays and the NFC interface.

Batteryless modules have been developed to completely remove batteries. So, in a sense, they are everlasting devices that can serve you without an expiry date. The energy needed for a display update is provided wirelessly at the same time when new image data are being transmitted. 

3rd Generation – This is the third generation of our batteryless solution dedicated to the e-paper modules.  It is the ultimate technology that provides super-fast modules-update and maximum flexibility. Modules can be updated through a Lummico HIgh-Power Reader/Writer that can be connected both to the PC and mobile devices (through USB-OTG) as well. The other possibility is to update modules through mobile devices supplied with an NFC interface and dedicated mobile app directly. Lummico is sharing all source files and libraries so you can easily integrate our solution with your system and customize the way it looks. 

This particular model is supplied with a 2.90-inch display which has a resolution of 296×128[px] and a DPI of 112. Like all Lummico SmartTag devices, it uses the NFC interface.

Main features:

  • 2.90-inch Display
  • 296x128px Resolution / DPI: 112
  • NFC Connectivity
  • Full viewing angles
Content Update and Applications

Lummico Batteryless Series brings the largest number of content-changing possibilities. There are three basic ways to change the display’s content:

1. Directly using a Mobile Device and Mobile App

The easiest way to update a Lummico Tag is to use a dedicated Lummico Mobile App. The app is able to load images from the gallery, crop them, adjust contrast or even add dithering to it. We are sharing Mobile App project files that you can use for creating your own application that works with Lummico SmartTags. The main pros of this solution are:

  • Ease of use
  • High flexibility
  • Self customization possibilities

2. Using a Mobile Phone, App and the Reader

Like in the first case, we are sharing a ready-for-use Mobile App and its source code. In this case, the Lummico High-Power NFC Reader/Writer is connected to a Mobile Device through a USB-OTG adapter. You might ask, why use Reader if you can upload content directly from a Mobile App like described in the previous point. Actually, there are a few pros of using a Mobile Device together with a Reader:

  • Tags’ update time is slightly shorter
  • Thanks to the high power provided by a Reader, it possible to reduce the Tags price in the case of the higher quantities projects
  • You can connect the Reader either to Mobile Device or PC
  • You can update Tags even when the Mobile Device is not supplied with an NFC interface
  • Self customization possibilities

3. Using Reader and Computer

The third standard option is to use our UART Reader and our dedicated software. We are sharing a Windows Drag&Drop Application and open API that lets you integrate the Reader with any operating system. The main pros are:

  • Super-easy to use Drag&Drop App
  • Highest flexibility with OpenAPI – no limitation of operating systems
  • Easy OpenAPI integration
  • Dedicated Lummico XML-Script for dynamic content creation
  • Ultimately fast Tags’ update
  • Linke in the previous method, thanks to the high power provided by a Reader, it possible to reduce the Tags price in the case of the higher quantities projects


E-paper Features

Unlimited viewing angles

Thanks to the electronic ink technology, e-paper displays look like the content is printed on its surface. Looking at it from any direction is no different than looking at a printed sheet of paper.

Perfect readability in direct sunlight

Since this is a reflective type of display, it reflects almost all light from the environment. This means that the brighter the exterior, the more clear the displayed content is.

Ultra-low power consumption

E-paper consumes electricity only when changing the displayed content which makes it the first choice for low-power applications.

Holds image without power

Due to the bi-stable nature of e-paper technology, after setting the ink capsules array, they remain in their state until the next refreshment. Thanks to this feature, energy are only needed for changing the display’s content.

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