2.9-inch NFC OEM

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The OEM version was developed in business cooperation with Riverdi company, which is our official reseller. It is dedicated for devices manufacturers and intelligent systems developers.

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2.9-inch NFC Active Tag – OEM (LMM-029NT-A)
This device is supplied with 2.9-inch e-paper display and NFC interface. It is an active tag, which means that it is battery powered. One of our main goals was to create a highly energy-efficient device. Proven lifetime is up to 5-years when updated 5-times per day or up to 9000 refreshments! OEM version is dedicated for use in customer’s devices or development purposes

Smarttag Series
Smarttag is a general group of products dedicated for intelligent labeling. The common feature of every Smarttag device is the wireless communication interface. The housing is made out of aluminium frame and two chemically strengthened glasses. It is hermetically enclosed, which results in increased wateproofness. 

NFC Interface
Every Smarttag device with NFC interface is able to update the screen through a mobile app. Prepare your layout or use a dedicated plugins for live content generation and update the e-paper content by simple tapping the Smarttag. Every NFC Smarttag supports lummico Smartactions.

This is what makes our devices so unique. Smartactions let the device interact with any phone, even when it doesn’t have lummico app installed. It can be set manually before updating the device or dynamically via app plugins.
Our customers use them in hotels for guests convinience, so they can easily connect to the hotel’s wifi.
They are using it for shipments and containers labelling in order to check the contents and tracking info anytime. What would be your application? Check a part of Smartactions list below and let yourself be inspired.

  • Displaying any kind of information
  • Auto Wi-Fi pairing
  • Auto Bluetooth pairing
  • Creating predefined SMSes
  • Opening a link in phone’s web browser
  • Creating predefined Emails
  • Saving a contact to a phonebook
  • Running any mobile application
    and more…

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 89.0 × 36.9 × 4.2 mm
E-paper Color

Black-White, Black-White-Red, Black-White-Yellow

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