Especially, the small shops that everyday competes with big retail, cannot let them waste time that can be utilized in business development. What’s more, this constantly wasted time means additional costs for the shop owner. It is estimated that each year retailers are spending over 140 bln. USD only on changing prices.

These costs can be significantly cut down with our ESL solution for small retail. For such business, we would like to offer batteryless tags and a simple, yet very powerful content changing device – Lummico NFC Reader/Writer. In this case, it is meant to be connected to your mobile phone that has Lummico ESL control app installed. Using it, you can easily change and manage prices. Modify your price list in the cloud, and our mobile app will guide you through the shop and show you which labels should be updated. Now, the only thing you have to do is to approach the reader to ESL and it will be changed immediately. No more price printing or writing is needed.

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