SmartTag Series
SmartTag is a general group of products dedicated to intelligent labeling. The common feature of every SmartTag device is the wireless communication interface. The housing is made out of an aluminum frame and two chemically strengthened glass layers. It is hermetically enclosed, which results in increased waterproofness.

Official SmartTag series are supplied with NFC interface for wireless communication, screen updating and using SmartActions (described below). Other possible interfaces (right now, only available in custom projects) are i.e. Bluetooth/BLE, WiFi or Z-Wave.

This product was recently updated and we are right now on the final development stage and finishing a field tests. Follow our blog page, where you can find updates and interesting technological facts about our products.

The first officially released product will be 2.9-inch NFC Active Tag (LM-029NT-A). This device is supplied with 2.9-inch e-paper display and NFC interface. It is an active tag, which means that it is battery powered. One of our main goals was to create a highly energy-efficient device. Proven lifetime is up to 5-years when updated 5-times per day or up to 9000 refreshments! As every smartTag device, it is hermetically enclosed and made out of an aluminum frame and chemically strengthened glass. It supports SmartActions and is compatible with the lummico mobile app.

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