Lummico is expanding, and we have some new shareholders!

On the 19th of February, Lummico shareholders have signed a new partnership agreement that sets a new shares division.

Michal Onoszko (2nd from the left), who was one of two Lummico founders, remains at Lummico and becomes a majority shareholder. Michal is also changing his role at Lummico from COO to CEO. He will focus on business development and looking for new opportunities. He will also coordinate all of the company activities.

Radoslaw Fularczyk (1st from the right) is one of the new Lummico shareholders, but he is involved in Lummico’s development for quite a long time. From now, Radoslaw is responsible for all internal operations. He will also supervise our standard products branch and work on developing its distribution network.

Kamil Kozlowski (1st from the left) is also a new board member and Lummico shareholder. Kamil is in the display industry for many years. Through this time, he has founded and grown several companies. He will utilize his vast experience also in the e-paper sector as our new key projects coordinator and business developer.

If you would like to talk with the management directly, do not hesitate to add them to your LinkedIn network. You can find direct links in our “About Us” tab.