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World's most advanced e-paper tags

Technology which comes together with user-friendly mobile apps. We constantly put many efforts in developing tagging systems so you do not have to do it. Ease is the key. Easy data generation and upload to device, easy product implementation and the most important - easy usage. This is how all electronic devices should look like. SmartTag will impress you even more when you discover SmartActions.


NFC interface and SmartActions

Bi-directional wireless data transmission


A super-fast data transmission

Average data transfer takes less than 1 second!



Standard B&W version or with third red/yellow color



OEM: 4.2mm
Smarttag: 5.8mm


battery life

At least 9000 refreshments

Our products


Smarttag, Smartactions and much more

Find out how our products can change your life

SmartTag Series

most advanced e-paper NFC Active tag

Complete and ready for use solution.
Just the way you like it.

OEM Products

dedicated for manufacturers and developers

Integrate SmartTag devices into your application.

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Why us?

World's most advanced 

World's first so advacnced and simple to use e-paper tags. It not only shows information but also makes your everyday life easier and more enjoyable. Get your phone and see how the magic happens.

Reasonable Prices

We are dreaming big and we would like our products to spead all over the world. This is why our prices are the lowest on the market and we will keep it that way.


Does your idea require some changes in mechanics, electronics or software? No probs! We will create a made-to-measure product in the best possible price. Especially for you.

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