SmartTag Forever-Battery [7.50″]

The largest module from the standard sizes of the Lummico Forever-Battery products line. Like the others, it supports SmartActions and can be updated through a mobile phone. This module is powered by one or two CR2032 batteries. This module has a 7.50-inch display with a resolution of 640x384px or 880x528px.

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Lummico SmartTag product line is a synergy of classic labeling solutions with modern electronics and software. The common features of all SmartTag products are E-Paper displays and the NFC interface.

Forever-Battery modules development was based on an assumption to provide a longer battery life than a guaranteed e-paper lifetime. The theoretical number of display refreshments on a single battery is 8000 times. This provides over 7-years of operation time when refreshed three times per day.

This particular model is supplied with a 7.50-inch display which has a resolution of 640×384[px] and a DPI of 100 in a regular version or a resolution of 880×528[px] and a DPI of 137 in high-res version. It connects to an Android Mobile App through NFC-interface.

Main features:

  • 7.50-inch Display
  • Two resolutions available
  • CR2032 Batteries
  • NFC Connectivity
  • Full viewing angles

Mobile Application

This particular module is compatible with the Lummico Android Demo App. With our application, you can easily convert graphics from popular image formats like *.bmp, *.jpg, or *.png to the bitmaps which can be uploaded to the module through the NFC protocol.

Demo App basic functionalities:

    • Uploading and updating image on the SmartTag module
    • Image editing (cropping, rotating, contrast adjustment, dithering)
    • Setting the third color for 3-color displays
    • Setting SmartActions on the module
    • Reading QR-codes
    • Adding images to favorites

The mobile application can be downloaded free of charge and is available for download after making a purchase. The app is supported by Android devices supplied with NFC modules and Operating System version 5.0 or higher.


SmartActions are a bunch of a pre-set functions that let Lummico Tags interact with any approached mobile device, even when it doesn’t have the lummico mobile app installed. What’s more, using them does not require your SmartTag device to be powered by any battery or reader.  SmartAction set on SmartTag will be run on every approached mobile device that has turned on NFC.

SmartActions list:

  • Wi-Fi auto-connect (Automatically connects with the set Wi-Fi)
  • Bluetooth auto-connect (Automatically connects with the set Bluetooth/BLE device)
  • Save contact / Card (Saves a vCard with the contact info)
  • Open URL (Opens a set URL in a mobile web browser)
  • Display text (Displays any text-info on an approached device)
  • Run any mobile app (Runs a chosen application that is installed on the device)
  • Create SMS template (Generates SMS with predefined text and recipients)
  • Create an E-mail template (Generates E-mail with predefined text and recipients)
E-paper Features

Unlimited viewing angles

Thanks to the electronic ink technology, e-paper displays look like the content is printed on its surface. Looking at it from any direction is no different than looking at a printed sheet of paper.

Perfect readability in direct sunlight

Since this is a reflective type of display, it reflects almost all light from the environment. This means that the brighter the exterior, the more clear the displayed content is.

Ultra-low power consumption

E-paper consumes electricity only when changing the displayed content which makes it the first choice for low-power applications.

Holds image without power

Due to the bi-stable nature of e-paper technology, after setting the ink capsules array, they remain in their state until the next refreshment. Thanks to this feature, energy are only needed for changing the display’s content.

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