Where can I find the description of the Lummico Part Numbers (PN)?

The description of the display PN is always included in the datasheet in the Module Specification Section. Datasheets are added as PDF files to the description of each product. Just click on the product datasheet in the download section of the product page. The PN is located in the main title, on the first page of each datasheet.

You can also check the general PN description below:


LM – Lummico Standard Products0154 – 1.54-inch
LMM – Lummico Products designed exclusively for Lummico resellers0213 – 2.13-inch
LMC# – Lummico Customized Products (LMC + Customer Number + Project Number)0266 – 2.66-inch
0290 - 2.90-inch
TYPE:0270 – 2.70-inch
OT – OEM Version (Rigid)0310 – 3.10-inch
FT – Flexible Version0370 – 3.70-inch
3T – in 3D Printed Enclosure0420 – 4.20-inch
MT – in Multi-material Enclosure0750 – 7.50-inch etc.
LT –Low Pressure OvermoldingNote: Some of the displays can come with a DPI value or resolution mark (for example: 0750137 or 0750HR)
HT – in Enclosure (High Pressure Injection Molding)
INTERFACE:C1 – Version and Revision Mark
N – NFC Interface
W – Wi-Fi Interface (with Wi-Fi Gateway)BWN – Black, White
L – LoRaWAN InterfaceBWR – Black, White, Red
8 – 868MHz interfaceBWY – Black, White, Yellow
DB – Dark Blue, White
POWER:BU – Light Blue, White
A – Active (Battery Powered)GN – Green, White
R – Passive (Batteryless) for ReadersRD – Red, White
M – Passive (Batteryless) for Readers and Mobile Devices